Green Home Remodeling Covers More Than Just Ecofriendly Materials

Green home remodeling doesn’t just apply to the finished product or the materials used. If you are hiring a remodeling contractor, you should consider how to make the renovation process itself “green.” Here are some steps a green home remodel must include:

Control Potentially Harmful Dust

Dust is an inevitable side effect of remodeling, but it can contain asbestos, lead paint, or other particles you don’t want to inhale. During a remodeling project, remodeling companies must use barriers, such as plastic covering doorways, to contain dust to the renovation area. In addition, they should cover work areas with plastic tarps and wet down surfaces before sanding or scraping. If your house was built before 1978, assume that it contains lead paint and ensure you work with a properly trained contractor.

Provide Proper Ventilation

A green home remodel shouldn’t expel pollutants into your home. Responsible remodelers use exhaust ventilation, such as a fan, that pulls air out of the work area and vents it to the outside. This helps expel dust and other pollutants, and it creates a pressure barrier that prevents pollutants from spreading to other parts of the house. Activities such as installing flooring and carpeting or painting can emit pollutants. Remodelers should provide ventilation during these activities and for at least 72 hours afterward.

Control Radon

Another element of green home remodels involves controlling radon. Radon-resistant new construction (RRNC) is designed to draw radon from the soil and vent it through a pipe to the roof, preventing it from entering the house. The technology is routine and should not add much to a house’s cost. If you are building an addition with a basement, you should ask to include RRNC features.

Use Recycled Materials

Choose recycled glass for beautiful and unique countertops, tiles, and even flooring. Doors and lighting fixtures in a green home remodel are often repurposed flea market finds. Many homeowners like the look of reclaimed weathered wood from old barns and farmhouses for floors or ceiling beams.

Pick Sustainable Materials

A lot of wood used in construction comes from slow-growth forests where it takes a long time to replenish the trees that are cut down. Consider quick-growing bamboo for floor or cabinets in your home’s green remodel. Cork and Eucalyptus are other sustainable flooring materials. You can also choose wood from sustainably managed forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Ensure Indoor Air Quality

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can trigger asthma and contribute to other health problems. Carpeting, paint, or wood finishing products are often sources of VOCs. Even if you ventilate during and after installation, emissions can linger. Look for products that have low or no VOCs. Mold can trigger asthma and allergies, so take excessive moisture into account when you plan a green home remodeling project.

Home Remodeling Can Do Wonders!

Trends and fashion change in no time. Over the years, people have become style-conscious due to which they keep themselves updated with different fads that keep emerging. For instance, people often introduce changes in their wardrobes in tune with the latest fashion. They do not want others to think that they are outdated and old fashioned. This is not restricted to just clothes, shoes or accessories. Nowadays people want their homes equally stylish and trendy which is why they often resort to redesigning or restyling their home deco. This is popularly known as home remodeling or home improvement.

Home remodeling is quite rewarding in terms of adding a sense of style by completely redesigning the house, or adding a room, or simply updating it as per owner’s interest and creativity. Home remodeling can also be a profitable experience as it creates space utility and makes the house more functional. This is one of the most important reasons that people prefer restyling their house rather than buying a new one. Remodeling increases the worth of a property which in turn helps the owners of the house to attract potential buyers by restyling it keeping in mind current fashion and universal appeal.

Benefits of Home Remodeling

If one feels like living a few decades in the past due to an old home design, home remodeling can prove to be an excellent idea to give the house a complete make-over yet keeping its original design and natural aura intact. There are various benefits that one can gain by remodeling the home. Some of which are as follows:

When people decide to remodel their homes, the primary consideration that drives them is the comfort level. A house is one place where everybody wants to relax and rejuvenate after all day’s work. People tend to make sure that whatever changes or additions they introduce in their homes should make their life easier and comfortable. This can be achieved by adding new amenities that provide comfort as well as add a sense of style to their place.
People face great difficulties in selling their old homes considering the new homes that are being constructed as they are modernly designed attracting lot of potential buyers. This makes all the more necessary for people to remodel in order to add value to their homes. People can add about 30% to the value of their home by simply remodeling one single room.
Over the years the house may wear down due to leakages and damaged furniture or fixtures. One can easily overcome such problems that keep occurring from time to time by remodeling their homes to take care of various repairs and damages thereby ensuring that their homes are always in high-quality condition.
Home remodeling can be quite beneficial in making homes energy efficient which in turn helps in conserving energy and save money.

Home remodeling can be a stressful and daunting experience. However, people can achieve great results by planning their budget and taking services of professionals to ensure optimum utilization of time and money. It is a tedious process but it is an enjoyable experience at the same time as people go all their way to make a perfect home for themselves.